We want to give a HUGE ‘Shout Out’ to our valuable volunteers who contribute countless hours to youth in need, either directly or indirectly, you guys certainly help all the cogs to keep turning.

Volunteers play a very important and significant role at Springboard Community Works, they are another ‘connection’ our young people get to make with their local communities. Volunteers can find meaningful purpose for their heart and skills, in a number of varied roles at Springboard. We love to hear from valued community members who want to give back. Let us know you are interested in volunteering and we can make a time to chat.

Here are some other great ways for you to get involved and support the Springboard ‘Heart at Work’:
It could be as simple as:

  • A ‘Sponsor Me’ cause through ‘Give A Little’
  • Sponsor a mentor group outing or special event
  • Offer your facilities for a group outing, e.g. fitness centre, commercial kitchen
  • Host a fundraiser to benefit Springboard
  • Offer a discount at your place of business for our volunteers and kids or donate tickets to events
  • Donate food or prizes for our special events
  • Help out at one of our Christmas parties, summer picnics, or other activities that come up from time to time
  • Run a golf fundraising tournaments
  • Make our business cards available at places you go
  • Put our ad or an article in your community or business newsletter
  • Include our card with any mail you send
  • Put up our posters at your workplace, church or supermarket
  • Ask us to speak about Springboard to your workplace, church or social group
  • Arrange a school/office mufti day with a gold coin donation

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