Children's Commissioner - Judge Andrew Becroft

'I wanted to say how hugely impressed I have been with your dedication and commitment to working with the tough young people in your area. I also wanted to say that I heard, quite spontaneously, some very positive comments about Springboard Community Works on five or six occasions from a variety of sources... You are obviously doing a fantastic job. The news is really getting around. This is just a personal note to encourage you and acknowledge the huge commitment you are making and the great respect in which you are obviously held'.

Senior Constable Williams

"From a policing point of view, I have seen youth crime continue to fall in my area and my offending rate is now at an all-time low. I put this down directly to the work that Springboard does and I also note that the work that they are doing with the adult offenders is having a significant impact on our crime reduction. We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing organisation working in our community. They have my full respect, support and endorsement."

National MP - Mark Mitchell

"You can’t measure the amount of crime that these guys prevent, but they prevent crime – there is no doubt about that at all ... They are having a massive impact in terms of making sure that the crime rates don’t go up but stay down."

Mahurangi College Principal - David McLeod

"Many of the students, after spending time with Gary Diprose and the other tutors at Springboard, have gone on to paid employment and some further education. Without exception, all the students greatly appreciated the time and care put into them from the amazingly dedicated, talented and professional team at Springboard."

North Harbour Youth Justice - Mark Darling

“After many years, Springboard has now cemented itself in the community (in fact they are the community). Their work has been transformational; youth have a voice and a place to stand. Our crime figures have dropped significantly but more pleasing that the statistics is a real sense of harmony and tolerance among all the citizens in this vibrant community. Well done guys.”

2017 Awards

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