Meet the incredible Springboard team and learn what motivates them to work with the young people in our community!

Gary Diprose

MANAGING DIRECTOR “Everybody deserves a great future. To stand in the corner of our young people who need support is my privilege. I get to invest my time and energy to such a worthy cause… it’s life changing.”

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Dan Gray

GENERAL MANAGER “I work for Springboard because I want to make a difference and the work we are doing changes lives in this community”.

Brenda Lewis

OPERATIONS MANAGER “I have always loved young people and feel very blessed that I get to work at an organisation such as Springboard that is truly helping change lives.  I believe that everyone deserves a chance and I love working at a place of passion and purpose”.

Heather Upson

FINANCE MANAGER “I work here because of what Springboard stands for – believing there is good in everyone, taking the time to encourage and support individuals to make good choices for a great future – Helping people help themselves!”

Stephanie Lane

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MANAGER “I love getting to help our communities’ vulnerable youth and working with an awesome team of tutors, supervisors and managers who have hearts the size of mountains.”

Susan Robinson

CONTRACT MANAGER (NEETs) “I love being part of an amazing team that carries the history; present and future, of providing a solid support network to our young people. To bring change; helping others realise their potential, gives me the biggest joy in life. Springboard is a personal organisation that shows heart in this great community.”

Kimberley Portman

FUTUREWORKS TEAM LEADER “I have felt called to be a guide to young people, ever since I was a teenager and had a mentor come into my life. I believe that that relationship is a big reason why I am still alive today. I do this for the one young person who needs someone like I did”.

Sam Reiff

FUTUREWORKS YOUTH WORKER “I have grown up in the community around Springboard and now I have an opportunity to give back to the youth in the area”. 

Sheralyn Cotton

4U MENTORING COORDINATOR “I work at Springboard because I carry hope that everyone can have a brighter future”.

Arapeta Waata

IMPACT  TUTOR “Im really excited to have this opportunity to give back,  from my life experiences,  to troubled youth and hopefully help them realise there is a better way and that there is always hope even in your darkest moments of life.”

Laila Murphy

IMPACT  TUTOR “I have only recently started at Springboard in the role of Impact Tutor.   I am looking forward to working with at risk youth as I believe it will allow me to be fully involved in and give back to a community”.

Charli Perkins

LEARNING HUB LEAD TUTOR  “I just love working with young people, and think it’s such an honour to get to work at Springboard and be part of a story of such hope”.

Hannah Street

PROGRAMME DEVELOPER “I love it that we get to support young people see their possibilities, see their futures and the diamonds inside themselves”.

Shelldon Holdsworth

GO 180 TEAM LEADER “I work at Springboard to be that friend to a young person, that scaffolds life changes and adds support where possible. I commit myself to diligently work in collaboration with a multi-talented group in a consistent, practical and task-oriented way”.

Daniel Waitoa

YARD FOREMAN “I work at Springboard with the hope that others can see that it is possible to change your life”.

Nikki Arnold

MENTOR “I needed a chance when I was a young person, Springboard gave me one. Now I get to help others have that same chance. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”.

Ashlee Prictor

ELEVATE FAMILY SERVICES TEAM LEADER & SWiS SOCIAL WORKER “Working at Springboard, has opened up an opportunity for me to be in a position to advocate, support and empower our most vulnerable children, youth and families, while fostering & implementing positive change!”

Phoebe Clegg

ELEVATE FAMILY SERVICES SOCIAL  WORKER “I believe that all people should have the opportunity to have a fulfilling and meaningful life & I hope to be a part of people’s journey toward that. Springboard encompasses a unique culture of belonging and hope; everyone that walks through the door will find family here. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!”

Caleb McCulloch

SYSTEMS DEVELOPER  “As a Computer Science student my biggest fear has always been that I would end up in a box working for some soulless company; and I am so happy to say that Springboard is anything but that. There really is a positive atmosphere about the place that is geared towards bringing change to the community and it is so exciting to be a part of that.”

Occasionally opportunities arises to add new members to the Springboard crew.

If you are looking to work with young people, their families or in community development be sure to watch this space.


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