“A tātou Rangatahi, A tātou Taonga” (Our Young People, Our Treasure)

We believe that every young person wants ‘somewhere to be’ and ‘somewhere to go’. That is  a place to belong, to feel safe and to have someone to believe in them and champion them and an understanding of why they are on the planet, and therefore a purpose to pursue.

We believe that ‘no young person has gone too far for a helping hand up’ and with someone committed to ‘standing in their corner’ they can begin to look towards pursuing their dreams rather than being trapped by the pain of their past.

It is the real life stories, like those shared below that show the courage, strength and value of the young people around us!

Marama’s Story

“I am just so grateful for the people in my life and Springboard especially and the people there that helped me out so much. If it wasn’t for them I would…be in a bad place right now.

I got suspended [from school] … I just didn’t care about school and then they just took me off the roll and I wasn’t enrolled anymore…I was just always in trouble, I was on conduct, I was in detentions all the time or I was always on stand down…And I was hanging out with the wrong crowd too, I was just a cool kid I guess…I was getting into drugs and alcohol, and sex and stuff like that, and then once I moved here it was like a different story, and once I got to know Springboard I was like… wow, these people are awesome”.

Liam’s Story

“I was antagonistic, angry, abandoned, a cheat, thief, threatening and threatened.

Life was open warfare, me versus the world. I focused my attacks on anyone with authority. My weapons were partially purposed to punish the people who pissed me off. Stealing and cheating were my way of crying out for attention. Attention that was once mine, but I felt robbed from me. I felt forgotten and unloved.Excluded from two schools and a psychiatric assessment on the way, I was happy that people were finally paying me the attention I craved. It was negative attention but attention nonetheless. I had won the battle but CYFs were knocking on the door and I was in danger of losing the war. It was at this time I was introduced to Impact.

Impact became my new battle-ground. The weapons I was confronted with at Impact were the opposite of what I had ever known. And the one weapon that changed my life was love.

It’s not the kind of love that you see in Hollywood, it is a brotherly love where they were like my older siblings looking out for me. They spent time with me, they listened without judging me, they treated me as an equal, and they challenged me respectfully. Thank you Steve, Peter and Shelldon for watching out for your little brother. It was at this time that I found peace with God and I thank Him for bringing me to Springboard”.

Zak’s Story

“Springboard helped me to find direction in my life when I felt a bit lost, confused.

Being a part of, and being involved in something, and not being isolated was important to my development and having good tutors. I realised who my real friends were and I chose who to have around me. This was a big step”.

Logan’s Story

“I haven’t really had a father figure or anything like that, so I’ve had no one really to talk to about things, or no one I really trusted. I didn’t have any trust for people. Now I’m more open about my feelings cause when you do talk about feelings and what’s bothering you, you actually feel better”.

Clive’s Story

“I started with Springboard on the Vault program. We went on a camp and I got on the program. I have been a lot more happy and not so angry/dark.

Before I came to Springboard I ‘stood’ people over and was involved in gangs, drugs and alcohol in a bad way.” “While at Springboard I lost a lot of my anger – seeing that there is more to life than hurting people and getting wasted.

“The thing that changed me the most is seeing how happy you guys were with life. –That is what I want.”

Denise’s Story

“The level 2, it’s definitely the most significant.

I could do my CV and license another time but getting my level two is just like a step that I have to do. It’s really good that I can do this because I really didn’t want to leave school but I had too, it’s so cool that you guys are helping me with this”.

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