Each year, individual kiwi’s give an incredible amount in personal donations to charities and community organisations. The opportunities to financially support great causes seems endless. For most, it is about choosing a work or cause that resignates with our own story, or touches the lives of people we connect with.

We believe that the work we do with young people touches hearts because we all experience the turbulence of navigating the teen years, finding our purpose, our sense of belonging and unlocking the keys to wellbeing. Many have been fortunate to have great role models, families and supports to guide and mentor us through that stage of development, but for those less fortunate, who (through no fault of their own) find themselves in environments and situations that leave them at a disadvantage, sometimes all that is needed is someone else to notice and offer them the same opportunities.

By supporting Springboard, its programmes you are ultimately helping to provide, well deserving young people with the break they need to succeed. We believe that the personal stories we share highlight the significance one caring adult can have in changing the course of a young persons life.

There are several ways you can help to support our communities young people. Click here to DONATE today.



Every year, local Rodney District business get on board and help support Springboard, these businesses know that by supporting our communities young people they are sowing back into their own success. We are always looking for like minded, values based, socially conscious business that are looking for a ‘great way’ to invest and support their community.

If you are interested in partnering with us – we would love to take you for a coffee and chat through potential benefits to not only our young people, but to you and your business.

CONTACT US: 09 425 4623


If you would like to leave a gift to your community as a longer-term legacy please refer to the attached bequest form. Should you like to discuss this with us here at Springboard we would love the opportunity to meet with you.

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If you made donations of money to a donee organisation, you may be able to claim a tax credit.
You can claim the lesser of:

  • 33.3333% of the total donations you’ve made, or
  • 33.3333% of your taxable income.

To claim a tax credit you need to file a Tax credit claim form (IR526) (link to form) for the relevant tax year.

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