Impact Alternative Education works with 13 to 16 year olds for whom mainstream education has not worked out for them.

Our goal is to get young people believing in themselves to gain a Duke of Edinburgh Award or NCEA Level 1 credits.

By creating a strong relational culture, tutors work closely with young people engaging them in a wide range of activities that aim to ‘trigger’ them towards positive choices and therefore successful pathways forward. Becoming contributing citizens is a major focus through the teaching and learning of soft skills such as engaging in routines, following instructions, contributing to create positive environments and interactions with others.

The programme runs as a typical school day, during the term. Young people will engage in Level 1 academic lessons (Te Kura) as well as practical skills and Education Outside the Classroom (D.O.E) alongside their tutors and other volunteers from within the community.

To attend Impact, a young person must be referred to us via Cam Fisher, North Shore Alternative Education Consortium Manager. He can be contacted on 0272836912. If a young person is currently enrolled in school, please liaise with the school in the first instance regarding alternative education.

Cam Fisher 0272836912



“When I was 14 years old I was kicked out of school for huffing gas, assault and other bad behaviour. When I was kicked out of school I came to a place that I thought I would never fit into. But I found a place that changed me a lot and that place was Impact”.  Hehu – Impact Student


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