We see Go180 as a vital programme in intercepting the destructive pathways of 13 to 17 year old offenders.

Goal – Reduce crime and help create a safe and healthy community.

As North Rodney experiences one of the largest population growths in New Zealand it is of paramount importance that we continue the trend towards safe and healthy communities. It is often a lack of support for the young person in completing Family Group Conference (FGC) plans and the redirecting of their negative attitudes that finds the offender back in court. In view of this we work as a key part of the Family Group Conference plan to support the young person as they pay their debt to the victim.

Through intensive one-on-one mentoring, individual goal setting and gaining an understanding of the young person’s issues, the offender is encouraged to move out of negative life choices so that they do not re-offend.

Many of our young people are resettled into full time employment reducing the rate of re-offending.

“…at a recent meeting of the Youth Court Judges for the northern region, one judge, Judge Ryan, said that Springboard Community Works was probably the most effective community intervention programme he had come across”.  YOUTH COURT JUDGE – ANDREW BECROFT


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