For young people to develop and mature into stable and responsible adults, a nurturing and strong family environment is essential.

The family unit is the building block  of our communities and we believe that care and support for the family, especially those in crises, is in the best interest of us all. When a family finds itself in crises for whatever reason, our family support programme, Elevate, is able to provide genuine support and guidance. Our Elevate team comprises of two qualified Social Worker’s who work directly with the family.

The purpose of this service is to equip both parents and their young people with essential skills, resources and pathways to transition into a sustainable and healthy family unit.

Holistic support is offered through services such as individual therapeutic intervention, mediation conflict resolution, workshops, food parcels, and connections to other community professionals where additional support is needed.

Appropriate supports are put in place, based on each individual and their families circumstances. Connecting and collaborating with other agency supports, with a “it takes  a village to raise a child” approach is utilised as part of connecting and empowering families to utilise the resources/supports available to them in their communities. We will meet with you to discuss what you would like help with and help you set goals and connect you with the right help. This is a free service!  Contact details as follows:

Team Leader/Social Worker:  Ashlee Prictor 021 743 360 /  ashlee@springboard.org.nz

Social Worker: Phoebe 021 745502 / phoebe@springboard.org.nz

A SWiS (Social Worker in Schools) service is also available to Wellsford primary school – a voluntary, confidential service supporting children and families whose children attend Wellsford school. The SWiS service focuses on enhancing social, emotional, health and well-being of children by working with teachers and families to ensure the child has a positive engagement with learning and the important relationships with the adults at home and school with teachers and their peers. This is also a free service.  Contact details as follows:

SWiS Social Worker: Ashlee  021 743 360 / ashlee@springboard.org.nz


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