Measures taken to ‘fix’ or correct young people who fall into the category of being ‘criminals’, ‘drug-users’ or ‘no-hopers’ are failing.

Enforcing work experience or employment on this group of young people does not motivate the deep desire for change. These young people lack the discipline and skills to hold down jobs and often find themselves in compounding negative patterns of failure. Vault, Springboards work-readiness programme, works one-to-one with this specific group of young people, mentoring them and preparing them for the work place.

Vault provides a working environment and employs the young person for 30 hours a week. The Supervisor up-skills, trains and mentors the ’employee’ with an underlying focus on developing good work ethics and desirable work attitudes. When challenges arise for the young person, they are addressed with the Supervisor and plans on how to overcome them and move forward are established.

The mentoring relationship that our Supervisors build in this work environment is unique and key to empowering the young person. Once prepared for the workplace the young person is assisted in securing further employment and the mentoring relationship continues for another year.

Vault wants to ensure that no young person is overlooked and marginalized, it aims to equip those considered hard to employ, those that would end up on paths of crime and unemployment with valuable skills and positive work ethic. In working with this group of young people, Vault is helping to create safer and better communities but even more importantly it is helping the young people experience success and a sense of wellbeing.



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