Our goal is to light a fire inside every life we work with. That fire defines a commitment to finding one’s sense of belonging, purpose and wellbeing.

 Established in 2013, Ahi is  a community change model that provides wrap-around support programmes for young people who have been alienated from the opportunities to achieve positive outcomes for themselves.  Key principles of engaging these hard to reach youth are; creating a place of belonging, experiencing success, engaging family, connecting with the wider community and focusing on personal wellbeing. Ahi’s vision is to see communities across New Zealand empower young people and their families to live a life of purpose. Ahi has adopted Springboard’s successful community model to resource and collaborate with values-aligned organisations in different regions around NZ, creating a network of partners who share a passion in bringing community change to those who need it most. Ahi provides the strategic framework and infrastructure to empower and equip other organisations to achieve better outcomes for their own community.




Ahi believes the best solution of bringing sector change lies within the community itself. Ahi promotes community ownership, pride and local solutions to bring about social change. We specifically look for ‘like-minded’ people who have a passion for empowering vulnerable young people and who have the energy and skills to deliver community transformation with tangible results. Ahi will conduct a feasibility report on organisational capacity and capability as well as consult with local community leaders, Iwi, Church, Political, Police, Public Sector and School Principals to understand current needs and assess additional opportunities for local 8-24 year old young people who are at risk.


Ahi ‘Partners’ agree to uphold key values, based on a Christian ethos and agreed principles of how to engage with vulnerable young people. Partners will sign an MOU, deliver Ahi modulated programs using common data collection and agree to the culture of sharing knowledge, stories and encouragement with the wider ‘Ahi Network’. Adhering to this agreement strengthens credibility; increases the power of combined voices, streamlines funding and centralises data collection.
Ahi will incorporate site-specific objectives, embed collective practice delivery standards and establish training needs. A partnership plan will be co-designed to ensure both parties understand expectations and that goals set are achievable and sustainable. Where possible Ahi will channel funding and contract services to its community partners, aiding in the outcomes and delivery of their community change model.


All partners will upload necessary data for each programme to produce a report outlining desired outcomes that are of interest to funders, key stakeholders and ‘Ahi Network’ partners. Springboard has developed a proprietary client relationship management system Konnex© that is currently embedded with all Springboard’s programs. Konnex© brings outstanding efficiency in tracking program delivery and displaying outcomes. Konnex© provides a voice for young people and frontline staff to feedback and directly influence developments and improvements to the model. With further development Ahi will be able to deploy the system to its partners, producing individual site reports, trends across regions and total overall impact of the Ahi Network regarding social change.

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