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Work Readiness Programme

Measures taken to ‘fix’ young people who fall into the category of ‘criminal’, ‘drug-user’ or ‘no-hoper’ are failing.

Enforcing work experience or employment on this group of young people does not have the desired effects. These young people lack what is takes to hold down a job and another failure feeds their negative outlook on life and the cycle continues. Vault, our work-readiness programme, caters for this specific group of young people and prepares them for the work place.
Vault provides a working environment and employs the young person for 30 hours a week. The supervisor up-skills, trains and mentors the employee with a strong emphasis on developing good work ethics and desirable work attitudes. In addition to this, an employee’s specific drawbacks and hurdles are discussed and plans on how to move forward are established. The mentoring relationship that our supervisor is able to build with the employee in this work environment is unique and is key to empowering the young person. Once prepared for the workplace the young person is assisted in securing further employment and the mentoring relationship continues for another year.

We want to ensure that no group of young people is overlooked and marginalized. As this programme equips the hard to employ, criminal activity and unemployment decrease creating safer and better communities.

Rodney MP: Mark Mitchell

You can’t measure the amount of crime that these guys prevent, but they prevent crime – there is no doubt about that at all… they are having a massive impact in terms of making sure that the crime rates don’t go up but stay down.
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True Stories: Clive

“While at Springboard I lost a lot of my anger – seeing that there is more to life than hurting people and getting wasted.”

I started with Springboard on the Vault program. We went on a camp and I got on the program. I have been a lot more happy and not so angry/dark.

Before I came to Springboard I ‘stood’ people over and was involved in gangs, drugs and alcohol in a bad way. While at Springboard I lost a lot of my anger – seeing that there is more to life than hurting people and getting wasted. The thing that changed me the most is seeing how happy you guys were with life – that is what I want.