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Transitioning School Leavers Programme

The transition from school to future training or employment is often not an easy one for many young people and especially those on the fringes.

Our Futureworks team is dedicated to making that journey easier as they champion the cause of our young people through strong relationships with students, schools, and potential future employers.
Those young people who are struggling to achieve level 1 or level 2 are assigned a youth coach who builds relationship to identify their goals and fears in order to help them create a detailed personal plan for moving forward. At the heart of the relationship is the young person understanding that they are valued and that they can move forward confidently.

The individual’s plan can include CV writing, job searches, skill matching, counseling, support for job interviews, work experience placement and obtaining a drivers license. Other activities may include team building, classroom workshops, individual problem solving and one-on-one mentoring.

We have found Futureworks to be a valuable service for connecting of key community groups working together for the good of our young.

Deputy Principal Mahurangi College: Alistair Elder

[The school] identified around 20 – 30 students that would benefit. Those kids were tracked and they got benefits out of it… The kids recognise Futureworks as being … a potential pathway that they didn’t have before…

True Stories: Marama

”I am just so grateful for the people in my life and Springboard especially and the people there that helped me out so much. If it wasn’t for them I would…be in a bad place right now”.
I got suspended [from school] … I just didn’t care about school and then they just took me off the roll and I wasn’t enrolled anymore…I was just always in trouble, I was on conduct, I was in detentions all the time or I was always on stand down…And I was hanging out with the wrong crowd too, I was just a cool kid I guess…I was getting into drugs and alcohol, and sex and stuff like that, and then once I moved to here it was like a different story, and once I got to know Springboard I was like “wow, these people are awesome.