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Family Support Programme

For young people to develop and mature into stable and responsible adults, a nurturing and strong family environment is essential.

When a family finds itself in crises for whatever reason, our family support programme, Elevate, is able to provide support and guidance.

Our Elevate team comprises of a Social Worker and two family support workers who work directly with the family.

The purpose of this programme is not to rescue families in crises but to equip, particularly parents, with essential skills, resources and pathways to transition into a sustainable and healthy family unit.

Holistic support is offered through services such as counseling, parenting courses, budgeting, food parcels, and referrals to other community professionals where necessary.

The family unit is the nucleus of society and we believe that care and support for the family, especially those in crises, is imperative. Providing such support can avert much heart-ache and distress for the immediate and wider family and indeed the community.

Attendee: Logan

I haven’t really had a father figure or anything like that, so I’ve had no one really to talk to about things, or no one I really trusted. I didn’t have any trust for people. Now I’m more open about my feelings cause when you do talk about feelings and what’s bothering you, you actually feel better.
Elevate Programme

True Stories: Alison

“I have learnt to value myself and think about my future.”

I was making the wrong decisions and putting myself in bad situations without thinking about the future consequences. I was relying on alcohol and drugs to keep myself happy. I was going down a bad path and surrounding myself with negative influences. I have learnt to value myself and think about my future with every choice I make. I have also learnt to be less reliant on substances to keep myself happy. I am now surrounding myself (with people) who treat me the way I deserve to be treated and are in the same mind frame.

It has shown me that I am worth (more) than being treated badly and that every decision I make is important because my choices reflect my future”.