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4U Mentoring matches children in need of positive role models with local community members to create a community solution where the mentors get to personally experience a young person’s life transformation.

Community volunteers are screened, trained and approved as a mentor. If a suitable match can be made, the mentor is matched with a child. The mentor meets with the child once a week for 2-3 hours.
While engaging the child in positive activities, the mentor helps the young person to make sense of issues such as peer pressure, grief, and family breakdown. It is an opportunity for the child to look up to someone – often for the first time – from whom they can gain essential skills to build self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

In 2015 we introduced 4U mentoring into secondary schools where year 12 and year 13 students mentor struggling and isolated year 9 students to provide encouragement and belonging.

Many children are still engaged with their mentor years later as a result of the relationship created with the young person. We now have a total of 70 mentors cheering our vulnerable children on into teenage years and beyond. A powerful programme that lives way beyond a year.

"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story."

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True Stories: Tiffany

“We as a family are no longer isolated, Springboard is my learning hub, my social connection. There is nothing else like this in the area.”

People ask if I work there, I don’t! The 4U Mentoring program has helped my daughter by having a positive role model, someone giving her the quality time that I at this time …can’t give her. I have seen her grow in confidence; she made a speech for house captain and got the role. That was due to her mentor walking alongside her, coaching her.

The mentor has become a part of our family. Because of the whole thought process, something for her to look forward to, having quality time with someone else. It’s so beneficial as she can easily get forgotten cause she’s such an easy kid. They bake, skateboard, get fluffys, kayak, do homework, they do all sorts of activities, it’s such a good distraction for her”.