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Alternative Education Programme
Our founding programme since 2002 that caters for young people aged 13-16 who have been removed from mainstream schooling.

Goal – Teenagers believing in themselves again and to gain NCEA Level 1.

12-20 students per year.

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Go 180

Youth Offenders Programme
Supporting young offenders to ensure that reoffending doesn’t occur and that any reparation imposed by the youth court judge is fulfilled.

Goal – Reduce crime and help create a safe and healthy community.

15 youth per year.

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4U Mentoring

One-on-one Mentoring Programme
To connect marginalised young children aged 8 – 12, who need a positive adult role model in their life, with a trained, passionate and caring community volunteer.

Goal – Early intervention to bring encouragement, hope and joy to a vulnerable young person.

25-40 mentoring relationships.

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Future Works Programme


Youth Transitioning Programme
Ensuring all school leavers transition successfully into further education, training or employment.

Goal – Zero youth unemployment in our local area.

90-120 youth per year.

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Elevate Programme


Family Support Programme
To walk alongside young people and families to assist them to develop a healthy and stable family unit by offering practical and emotional support.

Goal – A wrap around approach working with the whole family to ensure better outcomes for the young person.

40 families/youth per year.

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Vault Programme Works


Work Readiness Programme

Measures taken to ‘fix’ young people who fall into the category of ‘criminal’, ‘drug-user’ or ‘no-hoper’ are failing. Enforcing work experience or employment on this group of young people does not have the desired effects.

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Learning Hub

The Hub

School Leavers NCEA Programme
A safe and creative environment where school leavers who have not gained the necessary qualifications can achieve NCEA level 1, 2 & 3.

Goal – To remove obstacles and support youth into successful careers.

20-30 students per year.

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True Stories: Zak

“Springboard helped me to find direction in my life when I felt a bit lost, confused.”

Being a part of, involved in, something and not being isolated was important to my development, [as was] having good tutors. I realized ‘who’ was my real friends and I chose who to have around me. This was a big step.

True Stories: Tiffany

“We as a family are no longer isolated, Springboard is my learning hub, my social connection.”

There is nothing else like this in the area. People ask if I work there, I don’t! The 4U Mentoring program has helped my daughter by having a positive role model, someone giving her the quality time that I at this time …can’t give her. I have seen her grow in confidence; she made a speech for house captain and got the role. ”

True Stories: Marama

“I got suspended [from school] … I just didn’t care and then they just took me off the roll and I wasn’t enrolled anymore.”

“I was just always in trouble, I was on conduct, I was in detentions all the time or I was always on stand down…And I was hanging out with the wrong crowd too, I was just a cool kid I guess…I was getting into drugs and alcohol…”

True Stories: Alison

“I was making the wrong decisions and putting myself in bad situations without thinking about the future consequences.”

I was relying on alcohol and drugs to keep myself happy. I was going down a bad path and surrounding myself with negative influences. I have learnt to value myself and think about my future with every choice I make. I have also learnt to be less reliant on substances to keep myself happy.”

True Stories: Clive

“I started with Springboard on the Vault program. We went on a camp and I got on the program. I have been a lot more happy and not so angry/dark.”

Before I came to Springboard I ‘stood’ people over and was involved in gangs, drugs and alcohol in a bad way.” “While at Springboard I lost a lot of my anger – seeing that there is more to life than hurting people and getting wasted.

liamTrue Stories: Liam

“I was antagonistic, angry, abandoned, a cheat, a thief, threatening and threatened.”

Life was open warfare, me versus the world. I focused my attacks on anyone with authority. My weapons were partially purposed to punish the people who pissed me off. Stealing and cheating were my way of crying out for attention. Attention that was once mine, but i felt robbed from me. I felt forgotten and unloved.

True Stories: Denise

“The level 2, it’s definitely the most significant.”

I could do my CV and license another time but getting my level two is just like a step that I have to do. It’s really good that I can do this because I really didn’t want to leave school but I had too, it’s so cool that you guys are helping me with this.

(Denise, age 17).