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Community Development

Springboard NZ

Springboard’s founding DNA is the belief that every young person is of value

Our community development aims to establish working relationships with other like minded organizations in other communities. The purpose of this collaboration is the sharing of know-how, resources and partnership in what can be an isolated and difficult environment. The goal is that as each organization taps into the collective resources available to it, the outcomes for young people increase exponentially.

“You know it’s really opened up a whole new world to us. Our presence in the community has grown. With NEETS and stuff, it’s sort of kick-started the trust from something that was destined to be just 24/7 to something that’s bigger. I don’t think that we ever would’ve thought that we would have other programs other than 24/7.

For us it’s been really cool having the knowledge that’s come from Springboard. We would have been at hard yards to do all the trust stuff, and the funding. Just little things like the computer programs and the spreadsheets and stuff that they’ve helped us set up. Every time you go up there or you talk to the guys up there, you get ideas of what’s possible.”

Hendrico, Outwest Youth Community Trust

Springboard partners with 3 organisations working in different communities: